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large capital 'M'any of our customers are willing to received paid incentives. Panda Research pays you cash for filling out paid offers and surveys. If you are interested in participating in paid offers and surveys, please be sure to read this brief page in its entirety.

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How Does Taking Online Paid Surveys and Offers for Cash & Incentives Works: By registering with us you will gain access to our frequently updated database. We will contact you from time to time, via e-mail, to participate in paid surveys and offers. Incentives for online offers are usually in the form of cash.

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The amount of incentive you receive varies from offer to offer, based on the type and size of the paid survey or offer. Sometimes, we have surveys and offers in which no incentive is offered at all.

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Read this entire page and complete the registration form on the right. When you are asked to participate in a paid surveys or offers make every attempt to participate. Please be completely open and honest in all of our responses to our online surveys and offers.

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  • Would like to give you guys a big thanks for the opportunity of making some money been unemployed for a while my wife working and shes pregnant been difficult looking for work but you make it possible to feel motivated in something. ones again thanks for all...
    Jose (Imperial Beach, CA)

  • Thanks for the opportunity. Sharing our opinion with companies is a right, honor and I believe, a necessity in a free market democratic society. The fact that you pay to give it is the sprinkles on top!
    Susan (Sioux Falls, SD)

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